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Monday, June 25, 2007

back in sf

i am back from los angeles. came into the city late morning and went straight to one heart press. now i am back home, sippin' some wine before heading out for drinks w/ a friend.

the reading went well. i read for the last sunday series, put on by les figues press and others. thanks for les figues and especially, teresa, for their/her help.

los angeles is so cool. the poets i met at the reading were laid back and funny and had a sense of humour. it was a good change of pace from what i am normally used to.

thanks to julie for housin' me.

after the reading, some friends and i made our way to get some pizza, then for a drink at the short stop, a divey bar that now is a hipster joint (like so many divey bars). in any case, it's still a nice place to grab a drink or two. dim lighting and a pool table, as well as a dance floor (which is usually empty).

i saw someone i used to sort of date, briefly, last nite. you sort of forget certain emotions you used to have for someone when you havent been around them. it was nice, tho, seeing him. even momentarily.

it's also nice to see friends' lives changing, how simple and good you feel when yr'e around people you love. i thot on the ride to the airport sat., sometimes life is as simple as walking a dog.

have you heard of d-day?


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ending this post w/ the astounding ezra pound:::

"there is one quality which unites all great and perdurable writers, you don't NEED schools and colleges to keep 'em alive. Put them out of the curriculum, lay them in the dust of libraries, and once in every so often a chance reader, unsubsidized and unbribed, will dig them up again, put them in the light again, without asking favours."

rock on ezra.

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