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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

did you know


the poet tan lin is the brother of architect/sculpturist maya lin?

that's crazy. to have all that talent in one family.

* * *

what does lin (the poet) have to say about his art:

“In a perfect world all sentences, even the ones we write to our loved ones, the mailman or our interoffice memos, would have that overall sameness, that sense of an average background, a fluid structure in spite of the surface disturbances and the immediate incomprehension. The best sentences should lose information at a relatively constant rate. There should be no ecstatic moments of recognition.”

* * *

description: temporality and sex

autocratic behavior
audacious behavior
asinine behavior
allusive behavior
allegro behavoir
anonymous behavior
illicit behavior
illegal behavior
behave your behavior
syndicate your behavior
sensitize your behavior
sterilize your behavior

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